Riser Chassis Mount - Baseplate

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Baseplate Chassis Mount for Speed Champions(R) cars for use with the Riser Display System

This is an individual Baseplate Chassis Mount for the "LEGO(R) Speed Champions(R) Riser System." Purchase this individual Chassis Mount to change up your existing Riser display or to BUILD YOUR OWN.

Not sure what vehicle chassis you have? You can refer to our "Chassis Mount Reference" document in the link below. The chassis mounts are hot swappable so you can purchase individual chassis mounts in the store if you ever want to change up the look.

CHASSIS MOUNT REFERENCE DOC LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rrnLqJMlHJIKwuw-yh6Oj8RmimRmCXVi/view?usp=sharing

All of our products are made using the additive manufacturing technique called 3D printing.  The material is a biodegradable plastic called PLA.   Each one of our pieces is carefully checked before shipping to ensure it is ready for display.  If you have any issues with your products please contact us.

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