Racers Super Speedway Board Game Deluxe

Racers Super Speedway Board Game Deluxe

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Build your own LEGO(R) Racer, design your race track layouts, or design your own. The possibilities are endless!  As you race, pick up Power Up Bricks and add them to your car. Collect a Turbo Boost extra turn, a Protective Shield, Nitro to blast the racer ahead of you, or Oil to send the racer behind you skidding!

Each time you zoom around the track, put a lap marker on your car. Collect three lap markers, and you win the race! Younger players can play a one-lap race or older racers may want to play a circuit of three races to complete the game. Racers win points with each victory lap.

The LEGO(R) Racer with the most points at the end of the game wins!

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