Troll Warship

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Set sail with the Troll Warship!

Beware the crimson sails of the Troll Warship! With a crew of battle-hardened troll warriors at the oars and a towering Giant Troll for extra muscle, this fearsome ship attacks from the sea with a net, prison cage and firing launcher. Only the knight with the courage to ride the armored dragon has a chance at stopping it and saving the prisoner! Includes 6 troll warriors, a knight and dwarf minifigure, plus a 3" (8cm) tall giant troll and lots of accessories! Includes armored dragon that is 13" (33cm) long with a 13" (33cm) wingspan! Ship has a removable prison with a door that really opens! Use the working gear to lower the net and save the dwarf! The ship's launcher rotates 360 degrees and really fires! Help the troll warriors row to the beat of the giant troll's drum! Detach the two smaller boats from the ship! Troll Warship measures 20" (51cm) long, 13"(33cm) high and 5" (13cm) wide!

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